Worldwide release August 15 2016

BBR Front photo with texFINAL 160527a

“Billy Bourbon Rocks” Lives up to its name. His three previous Texas releases (2005’s “Billy Bourbon”, 2007’s “Trained Professionals”, and 2009’s “Neverchange”) had a more magazine style with rockers and Texas Country style songs. This album is more focused, and simply put, a rock album.
“Seven years since my last solo release. A lot has happened.” says Billy, “My wife and I separated for nearly five years , and then we got back together, going on about four years now….I had a head on collision with the back end of a semi on the way home from a gig. I hit him going 65 with the cruise on. For some reason he was parked on the highway, as I came over the rise I saw him and my mind assumed he was going highway speed. Checked my mirror, started to move into the next lane, and as I looked up WHAMMO!!!!!. Cop couldn’t believe I wasn’t some drunk musician, but I was sober as a judge! That laid me up most of a year with a broken pelvis and a broken left thumb. Now I’m all rehabilitated. Recorded two other albums with Guy Schwartz, 2014’s Bourbon and Schwartz “Weed At Walmart” & the as yet un-released Guy Schwartz and the Affordables “Live”. I also have a home studio (#bourbonstudio), where the demos for this album and some of the final tracks were recorded. Writing, gigging, recording, and servicing my twin TV and Kindle addictions…that’s what I do,” smiles Billy, “Livin’ the Dream!”
Eleven original songs, plus a cover of Roger Alan Wade’s “All Likkered Up”, this album has Snarling Rockers, Humorous Rockers, Rock Power Ballads, Rock Protest Songs, a Reggae flavored Rock number, and some Blues/Rock. It Rocks.

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